Seabass domestic Juveniles
Technical profile

Individuals resulting from a breeding programme selecting for high growth rates, optimum conversion efficiencies and strong resistance to disease. Fish vaccinated against Vibrio spp. and Pasteurella spp. Certified disease-free by Official European Union Veterinary Certification (OEUVC) against the main sea bass diseases. Fish fully weaned to dry/extruded diets.


Offer Date and Validity: June 30th/2022/30 days.

Delivery: Summer/Autumn.

Payment: To be convened.

Additional information

Quotation excludes delivery and VAT charges. We supply 1% more than the animals specified in the order to cover possible casualties during handling and transport to destination. The Aquaculture Division of Acuinuga provides technical supervision during the stabling and acclimatization stages of the animals on your facilities. Please contact our Commercial Address at for further details.